Oct 20, 2014

Zombie X-Mas Short O COME ALL YE ZOMBIES Wins Big at HZSFF!

On Saturday, October 18th, hardcore zombie fans and the recently reanimated flocked to the HAMILTON ZOMBIE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (presented by Fright Night Theatre) to celebrate and vote on some of the best and bloodiest zombie short films from Canada and around the world. The ghouls in attendance made their voices known, and the votes have been counted. The winners of our Zombie Choice Awards are.......

Dominating this year's festival with decisive wins in five out of eight of our eligible voting categories, O COME ALL YE ZOMBIES was (severed) hands down the people's choice! Directed and written by Greg Kovacs, O COME ALL YE ZOMBIES reunites the hilarious zombie cast of characters from The Post-Lifers (2011) for a gory and laugh-a-minute holiday special. O COME ALL YE ZOMBIES stars Lindsay Smith, Stephanie Christiaens, Rich Piatkowski, John Cross, John Williams, Darren Hutchings, Nathan Hawkins, Nicole Bonin, and Greig Graham. This is the second win for Greg Kovacs, who picked up BEST SCRIPT last year for The Post-Lifers companion short COOKIN' THE SHIT OUTTA THINGS WITH MIKE. This is the first win for special makeup artist Mitchell Stacey.

Not to be outdone by the Canadians, Rickey Bird's grind-house-inspired NAKED ZOMBIE GIRL tickled funny bones, turned stomachs, and turned on gore hounds in this American short pitting a naked protagonist with a chainsaw against a horde of grisly ghouls. This is a first win for Rickey Bird and his film-making team who pick up awards for BEST GORE and BEST ZOMBIE KILLS.

If you were looking for hardcore zombie action, the HZSFF was the place to be. Zachary Ramelan's kinetic and award-winning zombie mini-epic DEAD RUSH, filmed from the point of view of a survivor in the zombie apocalypse as he runs and fights for his life, thrilled the audience of the HZSFF to the tune of a decisive victory in the category of BEST ACTION.

Congratulations to all our official selections and to everyone who came out to support the second annual Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival. We'll see you next year! Until then, shoot for the head and protect your braaaiiiins.

For more screenings of the best in Canadian and international horror, check out the Fright Night Theatre film schedule.

Sep 23, 2014

REVEALED: Official 2014 Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival Lineup

Calling all Zombie fans! Fright Night Theatre is as giddy as a ghoul at a brain buffet to finally announce the official lineup of the 2014 Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival.

This year, the Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival celebrates the best in Canadian and International zombie films with a premiere-studded brain-blasting programme of zombie shorts with filmmakers in attendance.


12 mins. Canada

If you thought making a movie was difficult now, try it as the world is crumbling around you. Sweeping and majestic romance crashes headlong into apocalyptic violence in this beautiful short about a film director struggling to use movie magic to bring the power of love back to a brutal and uncaring world.

3 mins. Canada

Lincoln is back from the grave and out for blood. This time he has only one thing on his mind: To liberate your head!

3 mins. Canada

Imagine you are called upon to fight for your life against your family, friends, and loved-ones who have suddenly been turned into shambling, moaning, flesh-eating ghouls. Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

10 mins. Canada

The zombie gang from THE POST-LIFERS reunites for a holiday feast only to discover that their meal has a bit more life in it than they thought. Hilarious squabbling quickly ensues. It may just take an X-Mas miracle to make things right.

28 mins. USA

A woman loses her dress but gains a chainsaw in this greasy and cheesy throwback to 1970s grindhouse and exploitation shockers filled with blood, gore, and nudity.

ANGER OF THE DEAD (dir. Francesco Picone)
15 mins. Italy.
subtitled in English

Alice and Nicholas survived an epidemic that ravaged the world, now only inhabited by the undead. But the nightmare is not over...

DEAD RUSH (dir. Zach Ramelan)
9 mins. Canada

Filmed from the point of view of a single survivor, experience the horror of waking up in the middle of a zombie uprising and fighting up close with the undead for your very survival.

CARGO (dir. Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke)
7 mins. Australia

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.

FARM GIRL STRONG (dir. David Briggs)
10 mins. Canada

A beautiful farm girl's country bliss is threatened when a big-city tax collector comes a' knocking. With no money, what's an innocent farm girl to do? The tax-collector has some ideas...but little does he realize this farm girl has some naughty ideas of her own! A genre-bending lesson in expecting the unexpected from Distant Field Productions.

FODDER (dir. David Dollard)
9 mins. Canada.

In a post-apocalyptic undead world, a mysterious young woman must stand-up to her captors and horrible medical experiments in an underground military lab.

Audience members will also participate in our Zombie Choice Awards by voting for their favorite films in categories such as BEST FILMBEST KILLS, and BEST GORE.


Saturday, October 18, 2014
6:00pm - The Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N.)
$8.00 (zombies) / $10.00 (regular) 
Advance Tickets:  BUY ONLINE 
or purchase cash-only at the door.

Filmmakers in Attendance

Door Tickets from: 5:00pm / Seating from: 5:30pm.

Sep 10, 2014

Jay Winger Steps Down as Host of Fright Night Theatre

by Aaron Allen

"Welcome.....to Fright Night Theatre. OOOoooOOOOooo...."

Jay Winger presides over screening of Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf (Aug 2010)
Faithful attendees of Fright Night Theatre will no doubt recall the traditional opening words of our longtime host Jay Winger. With a homemade mask fashioned from a garbage bag and his infamous shiny pants, Jay would speak these immortal words -- delivered with all the cheese of a late night horror host -- to usher in each night's Fright Night Theatre audience to our unique blend of horror, comedy, and cult programming. However, it is with four years of unforgettable memories under his belt that Jay Winger has officially resigned from his position as Host and programmer with Fright Night Theatre.

The Host in killer mode (Mar 2014)
In a private statement to the Horror in the Hammer team, Jay explained that he would be leaving Fright Night Theatre as host and programmer, effective immediately. Jay has decided to devote more of his time to his website channeljaywebtv.com and film-making projects such as his various web series: the Horror in the Hammer-affiliated horror review show THE HOST and his parkour series 10 FEET (subscribe to both on Jay Winger's official Youtube channel). Jay will continue to dedicate his time to Fright Night Theatre as a volunteer and promoter as well as video editor.

Doing his infamous intro at the World Premiere of Bloodsucka Jones (Feb 2013)
Jay Winger officially took over Fright Night Theatre in February of 2010 as sole programmer, acting director, and Host. During his reign, Jay brought such boundary-pushing and controversial films to Hamilton as THE RED SIN TOWER (dir. Fred Vogel), MARTYRS (dir. Pascal Laugier), WOUND (dir. David Blyth), and DEAR GOD NO! (dir. James Bickert). Jay's programming also inclined towards the hilariously cheesy, with fan-favorite screenings of films such as MEGA SHARK vs. GIANT OCTOPUS, MEGA PIRANHA, NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, and SHARKTOPUS. And who could forget screenings of such classics as PUPPET MASTER III, FRIDAY THE 13th, CITY OF THE LIVING DEADMETROPOLIS, DARKNESS, and DEMONS? Of course, independent Canadian genre cinema was always very close to Jay's heart. Jay was instrumental in bringing the works of Justin McConnell (THE COLLAPSED), Andrew Cymek (DARK RISING, MEDIUM RAW), Nathan Hynes and Chris Power (LONG PIGS), Chad Archibald (Neverlost), Torin Langen (TRASH), and Zach Ramelan (HOOKED) to the big screen of Fright Night Theatre. After November 2012, Jay stepped down as director but stayed on as programmer and Host until is resignation this year. Aaron Allen will stay on as director of Fright Night Theatre and share programming duties with Darrell Marsh.

Jay Winger: the Host and killer in shiny pants (Sep 2013)
Thanks for all the memorable screenings, Jay! May the host live on to slay audiences another day.

Killers to the left. 

Killers to the right. 
Stand up, sit down, 

Dario Argento's DEEP RED - Saturday, September 20 @ Fright Night Theatre Presents

Before Suspiria, Italian horror-master Dario Argento created DEEP RED. Also titled Profondo Rosso and The Hatchet Murders, DEEP RED is held up as one of the finest giallo films ever created. This September, we celebrate Dario Argento's contributions to horror with a one night only screening of his giallo masterpiece.

Experience the terror for yourself on the big screen and enter to win a Fangoria prize pack at Fright Night Theatre presents DEEP RED


A musician (David Hemmings) witnesses the murder of a famous psychic and then teams up with a feisty reporter (Daria Nicolodi) to find the killer while evading attempts on their lives by an unseen and black-gloved murderer bent on keeping a dark secret buried. Throw in creepy dolls, a roving killer POV, and a classic score by Italian prog-rock group GOBLIN to round out this seminal 1975 giallo film, considered by many to be a masterpiece of the genre. 

DATE: Saturday, September 20, 2014
TIME: Seating @ 5:30pm. Film @ 6:00pm
ADMISSION: $5 at the door (cash-only)
VENUE: The Elaine Mae Theatre (25 Dundurns St. N.)

Screens with music video / short film HAD BABBITS
(Dir. Derek Lukosius).

Sep 8, 2014

Vampire Comedy BLOODSUCKA JONES Debuts on DVD

If you have a problem with vampires, you call the badass mofo in the killer fro: BLOODSUCKA JONES!

Bloodsucka Jones, the indie vampire comedy which had its world premiere at Fright Night Theatre in 2013, is now available on DVD from Amazon.com! Take a bite out of this hilarious film that Horror in the Hammer raves is "the Anchorman of horror comedies: irreverent, unpredictable, goofball, chaotic, supremely quotable, and completely hilarious."

Written and directed by Justin Armao, Bloodsucka Jones stars Preston Gant as the afro'd vampire hunter who teams up with bumbling friends David (Armao) and Tony (Travis Woods) when David discovers that his new girlfriend is a sexy nosferatu. Together they take on hot vampire babes and a gang of collar-popping douche bag undead with the help of Bloodsucka Jones's sultry sidekick Vanessa (Maria Canapino). Bloodsucka Jones is an irreverent, unpredictable, goofball, chaotic, supremely quotable, and completely hilarious fresh new horror comedy guaranteed to slay your funny bone!

Order your copy of Bloodsucka Jones loaded with special features directly from AMAZON.COM

Aug 22, 2014

Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival -- CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!

Fright Night Theatre is proud to announce that it will be presenting the 2nd annual HAMILTON ZOMBIE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (HZSFF) as part of this year's Hamilton Zombie Walk.

Started in 2013 for the Hamilton Zombie Walk in Hamilton, ON, the HZSFF is a competitive one-night short film festival celebrating the best in zombie short films with an audience of die-hard zombie fans and dedicated zombie walkers. Whether they be scary, funny, or just plain gory, all films officially selected for the HZSFF will screen on Saturday, October 18th at the beautiful Staircase Theatre and will be eligible to receive award distinction in our audience Zombie Choice Awards. Click here for last year's winners.

Please write "HZSFF" on your submission form

As with all Fright Night Theatre screenings, we charge no entry fees and maintain no premiere requirements or prior online screening restrictions. All screenings are not-for-profit and open to the public.

Aug 12, 2014

$244 Raised for SACHA Sexual Assault Centre


On Friday, August 8th, 2014, the award-winning Canadian horror-thriller SILENT RETREAT had its Hamilton Premiere at Fright Night Theatre as part of a fundraiser for the SACHA sexual assault centre at the Staircase Cafe Theatre. Thanks to the generosity of the filmmakers, our sponsors, and fans, Fright Night Theatre was able to raise $244.52 in support of SACHA's services for survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

I would like to thank everyone who came out last week to support Fright Night Theatre's initiative to raise money for the SACHA Sexual Assault Centre. SACHA is a feminist, non-profit, community-based organization of women in Hamilton, Ontario guided by anti-racist and anti-oppressive values working to end violence in our community. SACHA offers several invaluable programmes such as a 24 Hour Support LineCounselling and AdvocacyDiverse Communities Outreach, and Public Education. Services are confidential and completely free of charge

Recognizing dynamics of gender and power in sexual violence and the importance of organizations like SACHA, Fright Night Theatre invited director Tricia Lee and writer Corey Brown to screen their feminist horror film SILENT RETREAT in Hamilton as an official selection of Fright Night Theatre. We were honored to have Lee, Brown, and star Robert Nolan join to celebrate women in the horror industry, to raise money for SACHA, and to share their thoughts about how horror and the horror industry can be empowering to women.

We were also  joined in our efforts by a number of stellar local sponsors and local artists who donated valuable prizes, perks, and original artwork for our charity raffles. Fright Night Theatre would like to thank the following sponsors who were crucial in making our fundraiser a success:
Fright Night Theatre would also like to thank the following individuals for all their work and assistance:
Ann Hopkins, CF Benner, Chelsea Jenish, Cheyenne Federiconi, Chris Alexander, Chris Crash, Colette Kendall, Corey Brown, Courtney Make, Erin Crickett, Jacqueline de Schutter, Jefferey Watson, Leah Visser, Lenore Lukasik-Foss, Mark Furukawa, Mark Sims, Robert Nolan, Suzanne Kirkwood, Ted Dalgetty, Tina Hall, Tricia Lee.

Thank you for coming out and supporting such a great cause. Don't forget: Silent Retreat is now available on VOD across Canada and will be hitting DVD on September 2nd from Black Fawn Distribution. Pre-order your copy at blackfawndistribution.com

- Aaron Allen
Director: Fright Night Theatre